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We have hundreds of satisfied clients! We'd love to add your testimony to our growing list of glowing remarks! For the Texas Hill Country Wedding of your dreams or a unique venue for your next corporate event, contact us at 512.847.3646

"Gina, What wonderful pictures! Sloan and I have just returned from Fiji and have not really had a chance to see pics or talk with family and friends about the wedding yet. This was so exciting to go through these and see some of the details of the wedding that I never had a chance that night to see - the flowers are AMAZING!!! Wow, ya'll did an incredible job and I absolutely loved my bridal bouquet!! The entire experience was so very special and I cannot thank you and the staff enough for all you did to put on such a beautiful and unforgettable wedding. I will def be sharing these photos with family and friends, so thank you again for sending!!!"
Elizabeth Bowman-Hildebrand (Bride 5/5/12 - Ceremony and Reception)

"Carey, Gina and Suzanne, The wedding was fabulous! The bouquets were stunning! The bridesmaid's bouquets were so beautiful with the berries, succulents, roses and just the right amount of wheat. Elizabeth loved her gorgeous bridal bouquet. I did not even have time to see the flowers before the wedding began because I was hangin' in the bridal room watching her get dressed. But when the wedding was over and again when I came to pick up the flag I cruised by them and they were all beautiful. In fact, I think the bouquets were the prettiest I have ever seen and mind you I have been to dozens of weddings, looked through many a wedding magazine and searched the Internet. They were stunning beyond description and they blended with the bright green dresses just fine. The size, the colors, the flowers and the arranging were magnificent. Even the way the antique lace hung was perfect. I must say the succulents were a distinctive Texas addition and we loved the dusty greens. They should really be in a magazine because they are unique and tasteful. We ended up loving the bright green in the pictures and the girls appreciated the short and strapless ....nice and cool and comfy they said.
This was really the first time I actually saw some of the outdoor flowers and thank you Suzanne and staff for sending the pictures today. The succulents were so classy! The avocado bar looked like so much fun. The entire evening seemed like it lasted 45 minutes...wish I could go back in time and go as a guest.
All of the arrangements were gorgeous! All of the details came together for one beautiful evening. FYI, the cake was by Classic Cakes by Lori and it was delicious. Again thank you, thank you.
The band worked out fine and the bridal party seemed to enjoy the music and had a blast dancing. There was such an excitement in the air starting with the first party Thursday night and it just kept getting better and better. There were four things I insisted on - the carriage, the donkey's, Oh Happy Day exit song and the avocado bar. Although I did not have time to eat an avocado they sure did look good ....the carriage ride, the donkey's were the best!
Although it was warm, a great breeze arrived as the guests left the chapel...perfect timing. It was the brightest moon in 4 years on 5-5-2012...and the rain held off until the bride and groom arrived in their honeymoon house which was all glass and they watched God's magnificent lightning show.
Everyone raved about the whole evening. I have some great pics I will send you but I still have not unpacked! We are grateful for each one of you and may the Lord continue to bless you and your loved ones this year."
Oh Happy Day! Debbie Bowman (Mother of the Bride Elizabeth Bowman/Sloan Hildebrand 5/5/12 Ceremony & Reception)

"My husband and I recently got married at OGR on March 31st, 2012. The OGR staff was more than accommodating in helping us to plan the perfect day from afar. We had a fairly short engagement (6 months) and lived out of town; however, we never once felt stressed because the OGR team goes above and beyond to take care of everything, every little detail. They helped with all vendor referrals and contracts (everything from hair/makeup to transportation), provided their own incredibly amazing floral team as well as the most talented and lovely wedding coordinators, Gina and Carey.
Looking back now, I would not change one thing about our ceremony or reception. The venue was stunning yet casual and the day went on without a hitch (at least to our knowledge!). Our friends and family are STILL talking about how fun, unique and beautiful our wedding was. What more could a girl ask for?! OGR is everything we dreamed of and then some. I would highly recommend this lovely Texas Hill Country venue."
Lauren Godsey-Hickey (Bride 3/31/12)

"I am an "older" bride (40+) and had pretty specific ideas about what I wanted my wedding day to be like. I wanted a venue that was half way between Austin and San Antonio and looked at dozens of wedding venues along the IH 35 corridor. The minute I drove up to OGR, I knew this was the place I wanted to get married. From the chapel to the patio/pavilion and the beautiful hill country setting, it was simply perfect. I had a wonderful team made up of Gina (Marketing/Artistic Director), Carey (BASH Events) and Suzanne, the owner. They made sure every last detail was perfect and they didn't push anything on us that we didn't want. They were available to answer questions and always responded in a timely manner. On the day of my wedding, everything was perfect! The flowers were gorgeous and everything I asked for was taken care of. Carey, Gina and the OGR staff were always near to take care of any request or answer any question. I can't tell you what a relief it was to show up on my wedding day and simply enjoy every minute of it - I left the rest up to OGR and they executed a beautiful wedding. Everyone I've talked to said it was one of the most beautiful and fun weddings they've attended, and I agree with them. Old Glory Ranch will forever be a part of one of the best days of my life."
Rachel Wilson-Duer (Bride - Ceremony & Reception 3/3/12)

"When my son called to say "she said yes" we were so excited we could hardly contain ourselves. Then when he said they wanted to be married in Texas, I held my breath! As the mother of two boys I didn't think I would be planning a wedding, but with the bride and groom and her parents living out of state I was asked to help! So, with a list of venues, a friend and I started the visits. It was an easy choice! Hands down, there was nothing that compared to Old Glory Ranch! EXCELLENCE...from the moment we drove through the gate to the night we drove away after the wedding. The venue is perfection. So many of the places we had visited throughout Austin and the Hill Country looked great online but when we would get there we would see how poorly maintained they were. Not so with Old Glory Ranch. The decor, the buildings, and the grounds are maintained with great perfection. Suzanne did an amazing job with the design package creating the country Christmas look the bride had dreamed of, complete with twinkling lights, candles, berries and greenery. The list of suggested vendors and their recommendations were superb. Carey helped us find an incredible band that people are still talking about, pointed me in the right direction for a vendor that helped us choose invitations with the OGR flavor and people raved about the food and the way it was displayed and served by a caterer they highly recommended. At the last minute we decided to use a videographer, and Gina made that happen! We were made to feel like royalty on the day of the wedding. Every detail was taken care! They use headsets to make sure everyone knows what is going on and it makes for a perfect wedding! On cue, the violinist stopped, the bells rang and the bride entered. I tear up thinking about it even now. When I say everything is taken care of for you, I mean EVERYTHING! Carey even made a plate of food for me when she noticed I had not had a chance to eat ( too busy visiting). When the evening was over we were handed the keys to our car and everything we had brought there, along with the left over cake, a plate of food for my husband and I, and the left over alcohol was packed in there for us. My son and his bride left in their limo; Carey had made sure their luggage had been placed in the trunk, and plates of food and a bottle of champagne were inside for them to enjoy when they got to the hotel. That's EXCELLENCE! I could say so much more but I think you would get tired of reading the word excellence! I am forever grateful to Carey, Gina, Karen, and Suzanne. They were always there for us; answering phone calls and numerous emails, giving great advice, suggestions and in general calming me down in moments of panic or confusion. They made a dream come true for my son and his bride!"
Deborah Berg (Mother of the Groom – Molly & Stephen 12.10.11)

"Suzanne, I know I thanked you Saturday night but I could not let everything go without saying it in writing. You, and your staff, are hands down - AMAZING! I know we "pushed the envelope" with our design requests but you guys put your heart and hands into making them a reality. I can hardly wait to relive everything through the photos and the videos. Then I can really take in all the beauty and creativity OGR put on display. Honestly, I cannot think of anything I would have changed. I know when Amory gets back from Montana and we get to share our memories of last Saturday night together, she and I will once more marvel at the brilliance and efficiency of OGR!"
Mona Snelson (mother of the bride Snelson/Skaggs 10/22/11)
"PS. I guess the only drop of sadness in this whole thing is that I am really going to miss you guys and OGR!!"

"Suzanne, Gina & Carey, I wanted to take a minute to tell all of you how professional and caring all of you were for Maggie and Lee’s wedding on October 1, 2011.
Suzanne, you and your staff never hesitated to answer questions and seemed to always be right where they were needed most! Thank you for making their wedding the most “magical” day of my life. Maggie is my pride and joy – such a good hard-working girl…she and Lee both deserved this day!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making Maggie’s wedding the best day of her life. It was “magical!”
Sincerely, Gina Cottom (mother of the bride Cottom/Donovan 10/1/11)

“Suzanne, Thank you isn’t a big enough work to express my appreciation for all you and your staff did at OGR for Paige and Joey’s wedding. I am still getting rave reviews from family and friends about the fantastic wedding.
From the carriage ride to the stunning flowers and beautifully decorated chapel, to the delicious food, it was all perfect!! It was such a well orchestrated event. All our planning, preparation and hard work paid off.
Thanks again for making Paige & Joey’s wedding such a special event. It was the day they had dreamed of made possibly by you and your wonderful venue. Thanks also for the CD of the wedding pictures. We are impatiently awaiting the photographs from Aves!
Hope you are surviving the August heat of Texas. I snuck away to Montana where I am enjoying cooler temps and mountain scenery.
Thanks again for everything! We had so much fun!”
Fondly, Cynthia Bryant (mother of the bride Bryant/Bryce 7/16/11)

"Gina, Life has settled down now that the wedding is over and I can’t overlook a huge thank you to you and Old Glory Ranch! All our planning, preparation, and hard work paid off as the wedding was everything Paige and Joey dreamed about – and more. It was perfect!! You and your staff were a pleasure to work with and it was a well orchestrated event. I am still getting rave reviews about the venue itself as well as the stunning flowers, the delicious food, and the overall wonderful wedding. Thanks for making Paige’s wedding such a special event and a memorable day, not soon to be forgotten! Thanks also for the DVD of the wedding day photos. We can’t wait to get ours back from Aves!
Hope you are enjoying some down time in August. I am up north in Montana escaping the Texas Heat! Guess I’ll see you in November at the Dunn wedding.
Thanks again for everything!”
Love, Cynthia Bryant (mother of the bride Bryant/Bryce 7/16/11)

"Gina & Carey, this is a VERY belated thank you for all of your help with Susan's wedding. I am in New Mexico recouping from all the festivities (and helping put a roof on our cabin!), and have just not taken the time to sit down and email the two of you.
I can't thank you enough for everything you did for us. The wedding was beautiful, the flowers were gorgeous, all went off without a hitch. What a wonderful evening the two of you provided for all of us. I heard many comments about how great everything was, how beautiful the venue, etc., etc. We certainly could not have done it without you!
I am still ready to go have a beer or margarita with the two of you, but not until I get back in town! Please keep in touch and thank you again for all of your kindnesses, compassion, understanding and help!"
Cary Tobleman (Cardwell/Sensat - Wedding & Reception 6/25/11)

"A big thank you for the photo CDs from Erin and Marcus's wedding. We really enjoyed looking at the lovely floral arrangements without the drama of the wedding day. I don't think I can pick a favorite. The alter arrangement was so gorgeous with the orchids, the baptismal font was spectacular, the bright flowers for the bridesmaids were beautiful with their dresses and Erin's bouquet was absolutely elegant.
Thank you also for the candid shots of Erin and her Dad and Erin and Marcus after the ceremony. One of my friends said she heard Erin say as she walked back down the aisle that it was perfect, and I must say that is exactly how we all feel. My best friend, who does many events in Austin including weddings, commented on the beautiful details and the wonderful pieces that were used for serving and for flowers. Your staff was amazing; we all felt so indulged by such kind professional people. There was absolutely nothing that went wrong.
Please use us as references at any time.
Pat Tracy, mother of the bride (6-18-11 Wedding & Reception)

"What a wonderful wedding we had at Old Glory Ranch! When Katie said afterwards that "everything was perfect just liked I dreamed," I knew she was so happy!! Others have used the words "fairy tale wedding!"
Suzanne, I had no idea your place would be so beautiful especially at night at the patio with the lights, oak trees, flowers and open fields. It was beyond my expectations. Even though we had been planning this for months, I never had a feel of how it would look in the end. Gorgeous.
I don't want to do this again, but I wish I could go back to that night and relive it and enjoy the moment more. I was overwhelmed and didn't know where to start talking to my guests! Strange feeling.
Katie was beautiful and her ceremony was so special, unique and meaningful.
She planned 100% of it and did such a great job. The wedding deck was the most perfect setting. It took your breath away--even with drought conditions......
Many of my guests complemented your staff. They were always there, so many of them and very helpful. Once again, I had no expectation of such fine service.
Best money spent: the carriage!!! That was worth every penny to see bride and groom show up at cocktail hour.
Katie said Carey was wonderful and very attentive. And Gina was great at holding my hand through this process. I have no idea if our tip was too little or standard since I didn't know how to judge these things. I hope it met expectations.
Katie and Billy just got back from Belize and they ran into someone that knows you. Small world!
I am so thrilled you took pre-wedding photos of the flowers and patio area.
The first question Katie asked, " did anyone take photos of our things in the patio?" It was a whirlwind. We will look forward to your CD. Very nice gift.
Thank you,"
Sue McFarland (mother of the bride 5/7/11)

p.s. Loved the caterer Amy with Kurant Events! The food was great. Lots if compliments!
Appetizers were perfect. That asparagus was the best:).

" Suzanne, We just got back from the honeymoon, but I checked out all the pictures you posted on Facebook and I LOVE THEM! Also, thank you and your staff for everything... the wedding was PERFECT. I literally had the best night of my entire life. I loved every single second of the entire day from beginning to end. I felt like the whole night was one big fairy tale. When I heard "Last Call" I almost started crying because I didn't want it to be over. Everyone at Old Glory was awesome and it could not have been a better night. Y'all are the best! Also, I hope that Todd's party was a blast... judging by the pictures it looked incredible! Thanks again for everything."
Julie Martin-Thomas (bride - Ceremony & Reception 4/2/11)

"Suzanne & Gina ~ Thank you both so much for making our wedding a reality at Old Glory Ranch! Plus, thanks for all of your help, assistance and patience!
Melissa (bride - Psencik/Holme reception 11/13/10)

"Suzanne ~ Donnie and I wantd you to know how much we appreciated everything at Old Glory! Ellen and Blake’s wedding could not have been more special. Kathy has shared the photos you took and I have showed them to everyone. We have received so many nice cards and emails also. You have such a special place and we will have memories of it for years to come.
Thank you and your staff for everything. A special thanks to Liz.
Warmest regards,
Diane & Donnie
(parents of the groom – Sanders/Williams ceremony/reception 9/25/10)

"Hello Liz. Wow, what a wonderful time we had last night. You and the staff were amazing. The wedding and the whole event was perfect. Thank you for making Michelle's wedding so incredible. Kim was amazing. She did an excellent job keeping us on schedule and keeping us informed. All the guest were so impressed with the whole event. We could not have asked for a better evening, the food, the music was perfect. I could not have asked for a better service, Gary is amazing. We were very blessed to have him perform the ceremony.
Thanks again for everything. The fire pits were a big hit."
Trisha Salcher

"Hello Kim. Wow! What a great evening we had. Michelle's wedding was perfect in every way; the food, the decorations, the environment, the music, the service. We were so blessed to have Gary perform the ceremony. He was amazing. A big thanks to you for all your help. You did an incredible job. You allowed me to enjoy my daughter’s wedding. I had so much fun. Thank you for wonderful memories that I will always cherish. Everyone who came to the wedding were so impressed with all the staff and the whole environment. You all have created something truly wonderful. Thank you again for all your planning and work."
Trisha Salcher

"Gina, Just a short note, cause I'm on my Blackberry…
Katie and Adam's Wedding at Old Glory Ranch was truly magical.
The facilities are gorgeous and the staff was professional, knowledgeable, and "invisible.” "Invisble" except when you needed us and we needed ya'll...then you were right there.
...And then you guys just let us celebrate. Thanks again"
Richard Bergfeld (Father of the Bride - Bergfeld/Sangle Wedding/Reception 7/30/10)

"Liz & Suzanne,
EVERYTHING was just beautiful! I can’t tell you how many people commented on the venue and the gorgeous flowers throughout the evening. Everyone loved the location and everything about the evening. You two ladies are AWESOME and we appreciate everything it took to bring Sarah and Brian’s special day together as beautifully as you did.
I want to commend you and your staff on the very well orchestrated evening! You all went above and beyond and we greatly appreciate all the effort that was expended so very much!
Thank you both again. It was fabulous!"
Terri Pointer, Mother of the Bride (Pointer/Ziese wedding & reception, 7/24/10)

"Suzanne, Amidst the pile of wedding gifts I'm still receiving and trying to organize for Jessica's move to Italy next month, my heart and mind are still in Wimberley and at Old Glory Ranch. To say that you and your staff made Jessica and Taylor's day special would be an understatement. In so many ways, you've made it much more than that. For a family that hasn't been together in over 15 years, your ranch, your chapel, your staff, made this day not only a fairy tale union between a young couple but one of a family's reunion. For this, you'll forever remain a constant memory that what matters most when planning a wedding isn't how much you's how much you make it meaningful.
I could fill a book with everything that had significant meaning regarding Jessica and Taylor's wedding at Old Glory Ranch.
I never could have planned this in three months without the enormous help of you and your staff. You made it seem virtually effortless. It's been the most fun I've had in years!! Everyone was more than gracious and helpful whenever I needed guidance. I've heard from many guests and the word is this was a wedding like none other. They simply loved it! Even the bands loved being there!! I highly recommend them both!
I regret not remembering to have you, Gina and Carey sign the "Texas Hill Country" guest book. Maybe one day Jessica will get back there with it. Again, thank you so much for making my "little girl's" dream wedding come true. It was simply beautiful, simply elegant, simply perfect.
I'd be more than pleased to have you include my letter on your website! I wish I would have written more!! I forgot to tell you how beautiful the flowers were, and that I noticed you added an extra, gorgeous container of them on the patio! The chapel and patio looked exquisite with all your arrangements!! So elegant!!
If there's ever a need for a Houston liaison to assist brides from H Town, I'd be honored if you'd consider me. I spent many years as an MD Anderson faculty spouse member planning some of their yearly galas and had an interior design buisness for over 30 years. I loved planning Jessica's wedding at Old Glory Ranch and would welcome the opportunity to work with you and your staff again.
God bless you all!"
Kristin Tveit-Sawaya (Lacy/Franklin Wedding & Reception ~ 5/29/10)

"Well, I have a question! Have you ever, ever, ever seen a happier bride?I know I cannot begin to express my gratitude to both of you and to your staff for Sarah’s and Josh’s beautiful wedding! Yes, there was shuffling; yes, there were weather concerns; yes, there were all those beautiful flowers going unnoticed (and I’m most sorry about that for all of you because you worked sooo hard to make them so beautiful) but, in the end it was everything Dan and I had hoped it would be for them and everything Sarah had ever hoped for. And, yes, my marriage survived!Suzanne, that altar was spectacular. Those orchids and the way you designed them were breathtaking. The baptismal font was stunning and it was so thoughtful and generous of you to surprise us with it. Thank you. Thank you for the romantic chandeliers lighting those absolutely magnificent trees. The music was wonderful. Jill Dally is so easy to work with and did everything to make Sarah’s musical wishes come true.
I kept wanting the night to slow down so I would get the chance to see all those touches that we planned and that I knew you would make so special. I almost missed the “heritage” table. I kept trying to stop and take snapshots in my mind’s eye of each charming vignette. Liz, (I really mean this.) thank you for answering all my question; thank you for trying to keep us on track in those meetings, thank you for following up on the details all the time. THANK YOU FOR BRINGING THOSE BOXES TO THE GATE!!! I felt so confident that it would all go well because you don’t forget anything! You are SO good at what you do!
Old Glory Ranch is a truly special place. You have created an absolutely beautiful venue. You all were an absolute joy to work with. You were patient, professional, knowledgeable, constant, kind, creative and so caring. Speaking of caring, I want you to know that Carey was an absolute joy to work with. She was calming and she was EVERYWHERE! She was either checking on me or checking on Sarah. Thank you for her!
Your staff (EVERY single one I met) was so upbeat and helpful in every way I needed them to be. Your communication that night was so well done. I couldn’t have wished for it to run more smoothly. Whenever I had a request or I needed a question answered, someone was right there on a headset finding the answer for me?
You all get to live and work in such a beautiful part of our great state! Wimberley is precious and all of our guests had nothing but wonderful comments about Old Glory and Wimberley. Most of them have told Dan, Sarah, Josh and me that it may have been the most beautiful wedding they had every attended. I think it was too! That’s lovely to hear. It’s great advertising for you. But, the best compliment of all was from our daughter who told us that it was absolutely the best night of her life. For that, I love all of you."
Ann (Sweeney/Vore Wedding and Reception 5/1/2010)

"Dear Suzanne & Gina:
It was such a pleasure working with you this past weekend! Thank you so much for your patience throughout the entire process. I look forward to many more opportunities for us to work together in the future!"
Kristen White, Belle of the Ball Event Planning

"Suzanne, you and your staff at OGR made the Loring-Ikard Wedding event a huge success, both for Ledlie and Will but also the gathered family and friends. We all had a wonderful and stress-free time! Thank you for providing such a beautiful place and perfect weather. Thanks also for the most welcome CD of photos. In the hurly-burly some of the prettiest settings and arrangements may not have received the attention they deserved from the bridal party. Thank you for providing us with a second look. We appreciate your photographic record of an unforgettable occasion. With our best wishes."
Steve and Hilary Loring (Wedding & Reception 4/10/10

"Steve and I would like to thank you and the whole staff for all that you did to make our wedding perfect! We loved every minute of it and it was just as I dreamed. Everyone we spoke to after the wedding was so impressed with the location and how well everything went. Again, thank you for everything."
Stephanie Perry (Wedding & Reception March 27, 2010)

"With the exception of the transportation issue (and I know that truly
wasn't your fault), everything went perfectly! Your staff is to be
commended for the professionalism in which they handled every last
detail. We thank you for everything!"
Mother of the Bride, Robin Kehoe (Brandi & Jerry West wedding March 20, 2010)

"Liz, your patience and assistance with everything cannot be thanked enough. I don’t know how I could have made it through the evening without you! You were there whenever we needed help and often before we even knew it! You are such an integral part of the OGR family and you and Suzanne complement each other beautifully. My parents and I had such fun working with both of you, and we wish you all the best."
Sincerely, Jennifer (Wedding Reception, October 24, 2009)

" Suzanne, I wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation for the wonderful picnic and wedding celebration at Old Glory Ranch. My parents, Glenn and I were so thrilled with every detail – all of the creative ideas, thoughtful planning and careful execution from yourself and the OGR staff. We were told time and time again how beautiful the location was and how much fun everyone had…and they LOVED the green tractor, especially Glenn!
Thanks again for such great fun and lasting memories. We wish you continued success with OGR, and I hope our paths cross again in the future."
Sincerely, Jennifer (Wedding Reception, October 24, 2009)

"Thank you for a great experience at Old Glory Ranch. We were quite impressed with your facility and the professional staff. Everything seemed to go as planned and the guests seemed to be enjoying themselves. It was the first time as a musician I was offered valet parking and everyone was so helpful. Please keep us in mind for future engagements should the need arise. All of the Tone Rangers had a positive experience and we'd be happy to play there again."
John Russell (and the Tone Rangers)

“Suzanne, I wanted to thank you and your staff for hosting such a fabulous event for our daughter Erica’s wedding. The months of planning really paid off. I appreciate your thoughtful approach to designing and delivery of such a beautiful event. I know you went to a lot of additional effort on our behalf and it showed in the finished product. It was truly magical to see it all come together! Also, your staff is awesome! I received many wonderful compliments from our guests. I can not say enough nice things about Kellye. She took such great care of us. I felt like I was in good hands and that every detail was covered. It allowed me to relax and enjoy the evening. Thank you for helping to make Erica and George’s wedding a memorable event for all those who participated.”
Susan Schatz (Wedding and Reception, May 24, 2009)

"Dear Suzanne & Staff
Terry and I will never be able to thank all of you for making our wedding day so very special – it was indeed a fairytale come true! The weather, the music, the gorgeous flowers, and the wedding deck , simply by virtue of its natural beauty setting along the gently flowing rapids – what a synchrony of perfection! Arriving to chiming bells in the beautiful white carriage pulled by Diamond & Pearl – what more could any bride ask for? I waited such a long time for my Prince Charming – thank you, with all my heart, for making May 29, 2009 such a magical memory that Terry and I will cherish forever & 'Longer'”.
Terry & Gail (Wedding, May 29, 2009)

“Kellye we are indeed basking in the glow of an AMAZING, EXTRAORDINARY, PERFECT WEDDING !!!!!!!
Old Glory Ranch was absolutely magical. The Riverside setting is breathtaking, the patio and chapel hall are both beautiful. All of you awed us with the flower arrangements and decor -- everything was exactly as we had hoped it would be. The carriage and horses captivated everyone. The bride and groom and both families are elated with true happiness.
Of course we realize that what pulled it all together into the cohesive amazing event it was, was the Old Glory staff. You all were so coordinated, professional, thoughtful, pleasant and helpful !!!! That enhanced the joyful experience for all of us. Even many of our guests commented on how wonderful you , Carey, and the rest of the staff were!
Elly, Michael and I will always remember your kindness, sweetness and ever positive approach to all aspects of our planning this exceptional wedding for our daughter. Elly and Chris came to us at the end of the evening to thank us for their "perfect wedding". So I am thanking you for enabling us to give our daughter and son-in-law such a significant gift of love.
Best wishes to you and all the rest of the Old Glory group for many more beautiful moments on the ranch, and a happy Holiday Season. We will remember all of you at Old Glory Ranch in our Thanksgiving prayers because we are truly grateful for having known you.”
Paula Steenken (Wedding and Reception November 15, 2008)

“Suzanne, Bob and I just wanted to thank you again for such an outstanding and ridiculously beautiful wedding! Our guests were in awe of the beauty of Old Glory Ranch and uniqueness of the setting. Courtney and Brian were thrilled with the entire wedding. Your staff was so helpful and we felt like the entire event went off without a hitch! We appreciate the great attentiveness to every detail throughout the evening. The planning process was so easy, and I was so thankful for all of your suggestions and help. Sandra and Carey were so gracious, and we appreciate their individual help on all matters. Thanks again to Old Glory Ranch and all of your staff.”
Luanne and Bob Lurvey (Wedding and Reception, October 25, 2008)

“It goes without saying that Old Glory Ranch is a jewel. Nature and design have melded perfectly in this outstanding venue. God blessed us with perfect weather throughout the wedding weekend so that we could truly benefit from the magnificent settings. All attending enjoyed themselves at the Pavilion for the rehearsal dinner and the Chapel for the wedding and reception. The staff knows how to perform and present expertly, but your dearest gem is Kellye Lawson. She merits special commendation, and we salute her competence and compassion.”
Barbara and Ernie Koy (Wedding and Reception, October 4, 2008)

"Logistics-across-Texas presents foreseeable challenges when planning such a special event. But we had confidence all would work because Kellye is in Wimberley! While designing the rehearsal dinner, wedding and reception, your attention to our needs was enormously appreciated throughout the process. Having a matter of months to weave the Lucy and Michael's dream wedding into the tapestry it became required someone with your grace, patience and understanding. You are knowledgeable, efficient, dependable and attentive to the wishes of your clients. We, and the guests, enjoyed a celebration par excellence! Michael and Lucy will cherish the memories of their wedding weekend into the future. Thank you again for everything!"
Barbara Koy (Koy/Lennox Wedding & Reception, October 4, 2008

"Kellye & Andrea, I just wanted to tell you both how much we appreciate all you did for the wedding. Everything was beautiful, and it all ran smoothly. We had a great time celebrating with family and friends. They all loved the ranch! Thank you so much for all of your hard work."
Libby Dearden (Adams/Dearden Wedding & Reception, August 9, 2008

" Kellye, Carey, Kim and Suzanne, A big thank you for the amazing day you shared with Gunnar and me. First, we want to tell you what a tremendous pleasure it was to work with each and every one of you. We feel like we made some dear friends during the planning process, and we are sad we won't be seeing you on a regular basis now that the big day has happened. I feel so fortunate to have had my wedding at Old Glory Ranch. The day couldn't have gone smoother, and even three months after the wedding I am still hearing compliments from friends, family and vendors. It is amazing how well you account for each and every detail that goes into such a big day. You did such a great job bringing life to some of our ideas and the set up was impeccable. Thanks for being so accessible during the planning process. Every time I called with a question, someone was available and knew the answer on the spot. We were also appreciative of your patience as my family made some impromptu visits to Old Glory Ranch. Kellye, you were so welcoming, generous and always made us feel at home. Suzanne, thank you so much for the picture cd you sent us. Your pictures captured so many details, and I love that I can revisit them over and over. Old Glory Ranch is a well oiled machine with the most graceful personal touches. Because of that, our wedding day was a dream come true for us and we are forever grateful to you!"
Candice & Gunnar Heinisch (Laymance/Heinisch Wedding & Reception, September 8, 2007)

"We just want to thank you, Kellye, for one of the most wonderful nights of our lives. You and your crew made a wonderful evening for us and we will remember it always. Thank you personally for all of your help and ideas throughout the whole engagement. It was always a pleasure meeting with you. I just want you to know you helped make my dreams come true, and I feel blessed that we found Old Glory Ranch. We had a great time and so did all of our guests!"
Courtney & Mark Frazier (Gooden/Frazier Wedding & Reception, May 19, 2007)

“Suzanne it is hard to believe it has already been seven months since the wedding. We can not put into words what our weekend meant to us. You and your staff created our fairytale. We dreamed about how we wanted our wedding to be and those dreams were exceeded. Our friends and family are still talking about it…the best wedding they have ever been to in their lives. God bless you and the Old Glory Ranch staff!”
Will and Leslie Oliver (Wedding and Reception, May 3, 2008)

"Thank you Kellye for working so hard to make our wedding day a beautiful one. We cannot tell you how many compliments we received about the beauty of Old Glory Ranch. After our wedding, the population of Wimberley may increase greatly...Everyone we know now wants to move there. Your sweet attention to every detail was so appreciated. Thanks again."
Emily & Toby Mills (Harper/Mills Wedding & Reception, March 31, 2007)

"Kellye - We wanted to say thank you for the terrific wedding celebration. Your team was on point and attentive to the guests. The wedding was choreographed down to the most minute detail. You are right about the guests not having a clue about the behind the scenes activity. If it is done right, which in this case it was flawless, the guests never see a ripple in the water. Thank you for your leadership and kindness."
Pat Gooden (Gooden/Frazier Wedding & Reception, May 19, 2007)

"We wanted to say thanks to you and your staff of professionals for putting on an absolutely flawless wedding at your venue. The feedback from our friends who traveled from Houston and also the San Antonio area were in total agreement that Old Glory Ranch was the best venue they had ever been to for a wedding. Not to mention their comments that the staff and service was impeccable. Suzanne, thanks for all of your personal attention to this celebration."
The Goodens (Gooden/Frazier Wedding & Reception, May 19, 2007)

"I just wanted to thank you and your staff for all of your help. Kim was wonderful. Quincy was gracious. Your whole staff went above and beyond, and I appreciate all you did. You have a beautiful ranch. I am glad I was able to share it for a day."
Amy Weaver (Wahlert/Vaughn Rehearsal Dinner, May 4, 2007)

"The complete process from planning the ceremony to the reception was great. Kellye, you were great. The decor was fantastic and the guests really enjoyed the reception and all of the details. You were superb, and I really appreciate what you did to make the wedding a memorable one. Anjie is very happy the way everything turned out. It was awesome."
Ive Patton (Patton/Motal wedding & Reception, October 14, 2006)

"I can’t thank all of you enough for making Stephen’s and my wedding perfect!
Suzanne – the flowers were exactly what we wanted and everyone told me how much they loved them and the chapel.
Kim- Thank you for always keeping us up to speed on everything. You were always there to answer our questions with a smile on your face.
Carey- You made the wedding run so smoothly. You handled all the guests so well and did a great job of keeping the groom and groomsmen in check.
I can’t begin to tell you how many people have asked about renting your facility. After two weeks, I still hear people talking about the wedding and how beautiful it was. I will recommend ya’ll from here on out to everyone I can. Thanks for all the great memories"
Trish and Stephen Mogonye, Wedding July 14, 2006

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your staff. For simply not only being some of the friendliest people I have ever met, but for truly being one of the only hands on venue that I have ever witnessed - flawlessly taking care of the client. You will always be recommended by me for anyone looking for the BEST hill country wedding."
Fred Bishop, DJ, Splawn Wedding & Reception, July 15, 2006

"John and I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and your staff in assisting Amy and Rich to have a memorable moment. As consultants, we go to many hotels and reception sites and work with many different teams. I can not tell you what a pleasure it was to work with your team. You run a well organized team and everything was done in the most professional manner. I don't think Kim or Peggy know the word "no"! Every request was greeted with a can do attitude. This was our first experience at Old Glory and we look forward to working with you again. Thank you."
Jo Ann Woodward, Wedding Consultant @ Woodward & Schwartz Houston, Texas

"Thanks to you and your staff for making Kim's wedding such a memorable and successful event.  The overall experience was truly a positive one and we would recommend your facility to anyone who asks.  Thanks for the CD's with the pictures.  You and your staff did an excellent job."
Jim & Kathy Spalding

"What can I say?  Even after a week, we are still in awe of Old Glory Ranch, its' staff, and its' beauty.  Thank you all so much for making Amy and Zach's fairy tale wedding come true.   We received so many compliments from our guests about the building, patio, oak grove, flowers, cake,donkeys and, of course, the BBQ!   All of your recommendations were excellent. I know I speak for Amy when I say that especially beautiful were the bridal party bouquets.  And the wall tins in the chapel  --- perfect!   The happy couple returns today from Cabo San Jose, and we are all looking forward to Key's photos so that we can cherish the memories over and over. Many sincere thanks again to you and your entire staff. Best wishes,"
Pam and Jim Kirkland

"I just wanted to thank all of you for the most pleasant experience I have ever had at a facility. You provide service above and beyond any place I have seen, and I have been in the business close to eleven years. Thank you! I look forward to seeing you again soon."
Trenda Osborne, Disk Jockey, Krista and John Scott Wedding and Reception, June 25, 2005

"I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful dream wedding come true. From the first day I walked into the chapel, I fell in love with Old Glory. I have looked forward to getting married there ever since that day. The flowers were absolutely perfect. I was taken back when I saw how beautiful everything looked. Suzanne, you and your staff have been exceptional to work with. Kellye - you always had a kind word for me when I was stressed, and you made time for my ten thousand questions! I really appreciate all the hard work you all put into making my wedding day so delightful. I also loved the McCord Riverhouse. I know you will be seeing us again and again in the years to come because we loved staying there and playing in the river. Your ranch is so amazing, and I know you must be so proud of all of your hard work. Thank you so much!"
Brandi Beeler, Wedding and Reception, June 18, 2005

"You have the nicest staff and everyone at Old Glory Ranch is so professional. You all made my wedding day a fairy tale. Kellye made us stress so much less, and she really took care of everything. Grant and I were so happy with our wedding. Our guests always refer to our wedding as the most fun. Old Glory Ranch is the epitome of class. Suzanne, you have done a wonderful job with a beautiful place. Thank you so much!"
Grant and Lindsay Randall, Wedding and Reception, July 17, 2004

"We can never thank you enough for all of your help with our wedding. We just keep talking about how perfect it was and how much we enjoyed it. It was the wedding we dreamed of, and we thank everyone at Old Glory! Kellye, your calm personality and warm spirit gave us such peace of mind. It didn't seem like any of us were nervous. We will be forever grateful for you and your help with our special day. There are only beautiful memories which we will cherish forever."
Zach and Julie Burns, Wedding and Reception November 5, 2004

"I want to let you know that our Saturday evening at the Pavilion was fantastic. Everyone had a great time. The view just blew everyone away. The decorations were great, the ladies running the hayride were absolute characters and Salt Lick took such good care of us. Jill Jones did a fantastic job, as you indicated she would. Even the birthday cake was great; I just kept cutting until it was gone. Finally, my highest compliment to Trent. He was a true professional, handling all of our needs quickly and efficiently. He is a wonderful human being and it was a pleasure getting to know him. Once again, thanks for creating such a wonderful ambience. My wife will truly remember her birthday for years to come. Please thank your entire staff, including Liz, for taking such good care of us. Hopefully you will be there in 50 years when I start planning for Kate's 100th birthday party!"
Ron Tilton, Birthday Party October 9, 2004

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Words cannot express my appreciation for all of your hard work. You made the entire wedding process extremely enjoyable. You took care of everything and allowed me to be at peace. Everyone that you recommended - we used - and it turned out perfect. The entire day was perfect! We are still receiving compliments on how beautiful the wedding was. I had 110% faith in OGR. I completely trusted every one of you. I have never been so calm or confident, and your impeccable attention to detail allowed me to be that way. I greatly appreciate all of your hard work.
P.S. To the flower team...Martha Stewart who??? You guys are unbelievable. Thanks!"
Heather Hutto, Wedding and Reception October 16, 2004

"Thank you all so much for the great job you did! The flowers were beautiful and the service from the staff was exceptional. Carey and Andrea were on top of everything. We had so many compliments from guests and family about Old Glory Ranch and what a beautiful place it is and what a "movie set " appearance you portray. Thanks again!"
Ingrid Kent, Wedding and Reception October 23, 2004

"We do not know where to begin to express our thanks for the amazing wedding and reception you provided! As we left the wedding (exhausted), I looked at Chris and asked "can we do this again for our five year anniversary?". We had the time of our lives! Every bride has an idea of her dream wedding and hopes that everything will be perfect on her big day. I can honestly say that even with my active imagination, I never would have imagined my big day being as beautiful and as special as it was! The flowers, the decorations, the food, the music, the carriage, the atmosphere and most importantly the employees were all wonderful! Everything was organized perfectly (which meant a lot to me) and every request I made was met! The ceremony went exactly as planned and the reception flowed flawlessly! It was a perfect dream! Everyone at the wedding wanted to know how we found such an awesome place, and commented on how it was the best wedding they had ever been to! Well, I have to agree it was the best wedding I have ever been to and still cannot believe it was ours! Suzanne, thank you so much for allowing us to celebrate our special day at Old Glory Ranch. Old Glory is something really unique and we feel so privileged to hav been able to share our wedding with you. You have given us a lifetime of memories! Andrea and Kellye, people always tell scary stories about their wedding planner, but I lucked out again - you two were perfect! Thank you for all of the hard work you put into our wedding to make it everything we could have ever wanted and treating all of our family and friends so kind! The wedding was so organized and everything was gorgeous! You are both so sweet and it was a pleasure to be able to work with you. Thank you again for all of your hard work in making our wedding day so unbelievable!"
Chris and Lesley Blanks, Wedding and Reception, May 22, 2004

"I want to let you know how wonderful your staff is.You all provide the best service I have ever seen. Thank you so much for making my daughter's wedding feel so special. I cannot emphasize enough how beautiful the wedding was. Liz and Kellye are remarkable people and they compliment you, Suzanne, so well. I will highly recommend Old Glory Ranch to anyone planning a wedding. Thanks again!"
Teresa Schumaker, Wedding and Reception, July 17, 2004

"Cullen and I want to express our gratitude for how wonderfully our wedding went on June 12th. During the engagement, the bride is always warned that something will go wrong during the wedding - but nothing went wrong for us out at Old Glory. In fact, everything was perfect! (As a devoted perfectionist, that is not something I usually say.) The flowers were beautiful, everything went according to plan, the donkeys were wonderful, and above all, your staff's professionalism and kindness were top-notch. Not only did I feel like royalty all evening, but my friends and family - especially our grandparents - were treated so well. I can not write enough wonderful things about Andrea, and Peggy did a great job of keeping everything organized and everyone happy. Everyone remarked about how calm I seemed, but it's only because of the dedication and professionalism of the Old Glory staff. Because of the beautiful setting and incredible organization of people and skills that you and Liz have created, my wedding will be a memory that I will treasure. Cullen had a wonderful time, and as we were leaving the wedding, he said "All that planning was worth it - that was great. Enough said! Thank you so much for everything. Old Glory will always have a special place in my heart."
Christi Moeller, Wedding & Reception, June 12, 2004

"Recently I attended the Carson wedding and reception at your facility and was left in awe. You have a truly wonderful facility and I was so impressed by the genuine kindness of all of your staff. At the reception, I loved how beautiful your serving tables were and your food was fabulous. Again, I am truly impressed with all that you have to offer and will recommend you to all my friends looking for a place for weddings or other functions."
Connie Oliver (Carson Wedding & Reception June 26, 2004)

"I just want to say that you and your staff are wonderful. I will always recommend Old Glory Ranch to anyone who is having a wedding. I know the effort it takes to work as a team, which your staff does in spades. I also know that as the leader goes, so goes the organizatiojn, so all of this is a tribute to you. My only complaint is that the wedding went by too fast. I loved every minute of it!"
Marty (Wedding and Reception, May 1, 2004)

"Just a brief note to thank you for your part in Kevin and Elizabeth's wedding. It was everything I had hoped for and beyond. Friends and family are still talking about it! You all did a wonderful job and run a very smooth event. Thank you again for all of your efforts. It was truly a pleasure meeting and working with all of you."
Barbara Heinz (Wedding and Reception, May 15, 2004)

"Just a little note to say a big thank you for hosting and doing so much to make the River Oaks Breakfast Club Wimberley Saturday evening dinner and dancing at Old Glory Ranch such a delicious and fun time for all! Suzanne, you are a marvel and everything and everyone compromising Old Glory Ranch is the best! Your staff are obviously very proud to be a part of your team. That was the best band we've danced to in years."
Andy (River Oaks Breakfast Club, April 24, 2004)

"This card is not nearly big enough to express my thanks for all that you did - my Hill Country fairy tale came true! From the day we met, I knew it would be a fun and whirlwind experience... if I had only known! You and your staff did so much to make me feel special and so taken care of. And Laura's natural good taste was the icing on the cake. Thanks again for giving me a perfect day at the most beautiful Texas spot I know!"
Lauren Bullock (Wedding and Reception, May 17, 2003)

"Joal and I want to thank you and your entire staff for helping to make our wedding such a beautiful event. It was such a wonderful evening. We are so very happy that we chose Old Glory Ranch. It couldn't have been more perfect! Thank you for the lovely album and photos that you sent to us. They will help us remember all of the special moments of that night. We would definitely love to come back and visit some time."
Erin and Joal Harper (Wedding and Reception, December 13, 2003)

"Can one express such delight on such a small card? I cannot tell you how grateful I am for your flawless presentation, exquisite planning and amazing staff. The compliments we have received are to the point of overwhelming. Yet I still feel like I just showed up and it was handled. I really cannot thank you enough."
The newest Mrs. Lee (Wedding and Reception, November 8, 2003)

"We wanted to thank you for making our day so special! We had such a great time and appreciate all of your love, help and support! Thank you for the beautiful album and pics - they are awesome! Thanks again and we hope to see you soon!"
Amy and Hardy Gilliam (Wedding and Reception, September 20, 2003)
"My family and I would like to thank you and your staff for a most memorable wedding for Jim and Ann. Along with having a beautiful ceremony, you provided a beautiful setting for a very special event."
Victor and Agnes Patino (Wedding and Reception, October 18, 2003)

"Jim and I had a wonderful time at the wedding!  Everything turned out beautifully.  Our guests enjoyed themselves just as much as we did.  We received so many compliments on how beautiful the whole event was.  You and your staff did an excellent job in making that day very special to us.  We want to thank you again for all of the hard work that you did for us." 
Ann (Wedding & Reception, October 18, 2003)

"It's hard to believe that over a month has passed since we said our vows at Old Glory!  Jason & I wanted to let you know how wonderfully happy we were with how everything turned out at the wedding.  Everything you did from the beginning made us feel comfortable and relaxed about the entire weekend.  You and your staff acted in a truly professional manner, had everything well organized and made the suggestions we needed.  From your lovely home on the River to the best wedding band of all times (The El Orbits), the whole weekend was a huge success! Jason and I had the time of our lives and will cherish the memories from Old Glory for the rest of our lives! Everyone who attended the wedding has commented on how wonderful your place is and how much fun they had. From the bottom of our hearts......Thank you.......for your personal touches in making our time both the happiest and most fun of our lives!"
Susan and Jason (Wedding & Reception, September 13, 2003)

"The pictures & album were SO great!!!!! Susan was really surprised and pleased. You certainly went above & beyond, & we all appreciated this & everything else you did for us. We really appreciate all the work you did in making everything go so smoothly for us. People seem to like everything about the whole wedding –the food, flowers, music, place, people, etc… So we thank you, thank you! We look forward to seeing you again. Please thank all your staff again. It was so much fun for us."
Bette Claypool (Wedding & Reception, September 13, 2003)

"A very belated yet none-the-less a huge thank you to you all. Our wedding was everything we had hoped for and more! The floral design was outstanding. I truly loved it, and the food. I had friends say, “this is the best wedding food ever!” All of the details were superb – no worries for me or my family. Thank you for thinking of EVERYTHING and for making our memorable event joyous. Thank you too for the lovely & thoughtful photo album – you’re so talented! We look forward to seeing you again us I feel sure other friends will choose Old Glory Ranch for their wedding."
Amy & Rob Lauer (Wedding and Reception, May 3, 2003)

"Thank you so much for all that you and Laura and your great staff did to make our wedding weekend so enjoyable. Kelly and I spent the next day flying to the BVI talking about how much fun we had, how perfect everything was, how stress-free the entire weekend was, and how we would be willing to do it all over again in a heartbeat (which you don't usually hear from newlyweds!). Your ranch is spectacular and every detail was perfect. Looking over the pictures and remembering back to all of the special moments, we are constantly reminded of what a great weekend it was. I hope y'all took the opportunity Sunday to sit back, pat yourselves on the collective back and revel in the spectacular event that you pulled off. I have been singing, and will continue to sing, your praises to anyone who mentions weddings or similar events. Our guests have had similarly glowing comments. Thank you! Thank you also for the photo album. It just adds to the great memories. I love the picture of Grant and Laura. The River house was wonderful and only added to the "stress-free" nature of the weekend. Thanks for everything!"
Ryan Anderson (Wedding & Receoption, Spring 2003)

"Suzanne, I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful album you sent us.  What a wonderful surprise!  We will not have our pictures back from the photographer for some time and it is so nice to have some pictures to show off.  Everything went so well for the wedding, we were very pleased at how it turned out.  I want to thank all of you for making our wedding so wonderful.  Patrick and I are so glad we decided to have our wedding at your beautiful facility. Take care and God bless!"
Jennifer Guinn (Wedding and Reception Nov. 23, 2002)

"Jennifer, Brent, Evy and I want to extend warm greetings for your holiday times.  I know they will be very busy at your glorious ranch.  We have such fond and wonderful memories from our June 1 wedding.  Thanks to you both and all the other true professionals who helped to make our 2002 a memorable one.  Someday I am going to drive out and show you Shawn's gorgeous pictures; your ranch has to be one of the best settings in the world for wedding pictures ..."
Meg (Wedding reception June 1, 2002)

"Spencer and I want to express our sincerest thanks for the impeccable job you did on our wedding.  the flowers and decorations were exquisite and the ambience was everything we dreamed of and more! Not only were Spencer and I thrilled with the outcome, but our guests were as well.  We have received raving from all of our friends and family.  Your staff and yourself truly helped to make our wedding "UNFORGETTABLE."
Katrina (Wedding and reception Oct. 26, 2002)

"I wanted to tell you again how wonderful the wedding was.  It was like a dream.  Bryan and I were very happy with the way everything went off.  Kathy (OGR wedding coordinator) is great too.  She stayed so calm and took such good care of us.  It made me be much more relaxed, that is for sure. ... Well, thanks again for all the hard work that you and your staff put in.  They are all wonderful, gracious people and it was a blast. ... "
Michelle (Wedding and reception Nov. 1, 2002)

"Just wanted to write and say thank you for an amazing wedding!  I cannot count the number of guests who came up to us and said things like "How did you FIND this place - it's perfect!"  and "This is the best wedding I've ever been to!", etc...... Your legendary attention to detail really made the difference.  I was simply blown away (and you know how picky I am, so that means something!)  You are truly a group of "event artists"!  It is funny - everyone thought I would be freaking out about the chance for rain, and I was like "Nope, they've got it under control out there, I'm not worried."  Which was nice.  We never worried about a thing.  In fact, JP and I were having so much fun at the reception that we had to be dragged away."

"We are still getting lots of great comments about the wedding and Old Glory Ranch.  Again, we appreciate all your help and expertise.  it was a wonderful experience for all of us.  Thanks again!"

"We had the time of our lives at Old Glory Ranch! It was fun, challenging and the best opportunity to show off the Texas Hill country, the Texas lifestyle and just bring our team together. Thank you for everything!"
April Brumley Hinkle, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Texas Monthly

"Matt and I cannot express our thanks enough. Our wedding was absolutely perfect. The flowers were gorgeous, the food and cakes were excellent, & the staff was more than helpful. All of our guests said our wedding was the most beautiful wedding they had ever been to! Thanks for encouraging me to keep the carriage...everyone loved it & my pictures turned out great. Thank you for taking the time to work out every are brave to work with brides & moms! Once again we truly thank you for making our day unforgettable!"
Kelli Larsen, Beaumont, Texas

"I just wanted to thank you for everything. The wedding was a dream. It was more than Greg and I had known to hope for. It was simply wonderful. Our thanks to you and your staff for all the effort you put into making this such a wonderful occasion. We chose Old Glory Ranch because it is such a beautiful place but because of your hard work the wedding was just as beautiful. We received so many compliments during the evening and for days after the wedding. Everyone had a great time including me! Thanks to you I didn't have to pull my hair out! Thanks for the pictures."
Soliz Comments Wedding & Reception October 27,2001

"We have heard nothing but praises for the beautiful wedding. Hats off to all of you who helped make it so beautiful and so special. People cannot stop talking about the flowers and the food and the cakes and the music and the nice photographer...The list goes on. We all have such wonderful memories. The bride and groom are back from their honeymoon, and I am glad to report they are still enjoying the beautiful memories you helped create at Old Glory. It does seem like a fairy tale come true."
Womack Wedding & Reception November 17, 2001

"Perfection is a word I don't use lightly. But I felt that way as we drove from our Rehearsal Dinner at Old Glory Ranch. We were impressed with how you handle each detail when we do another event we will certainly have it at Old Glory!!!!!!!!! You and your staff are to be commended for tending to details and know what it takes."
Norma Scott (Rehearsal Dinner October 12, 2001)

"Imagine this bowl with a million ThanksÉ..and then maybe I'm approaching a depiction of how truly thankful I am for all your efforts associated with this wedding celebration. I know it will be incredible....thanks to you!"

"What can I say, but thank you. We really want to tell you how much we loved the wedding and how well we felt it went. You and your incredible staff kept the wedding from being a disaster. Instead, every bit and every moment (that I can remember!) was perfect. Thanks to you guys at Old Glory, we had an exciting and eventful wedding that no one will forget."
Heather and Marc Gitterle (Wimberley)

"Suzanne, thank you for your down-to-earth unflappability and your rich sense of how to entertain and create atmosphere. I felt as though all of our loved ones were sort of taken in by the warmth, beauty and echoes of many precious times in your house down by the river and throughout the town."
Renee' Starnes (Honomu, Hawaii)

"Verlyn and Dave have received lots of notes from guests who thought it was one of the best parties they had attended in Wimberley. The setting was perfect, the decorations beautiful, and the lights and candles created a magical effect when the sun went down. Suzanne, you did a fabulous job pulling everything together, and your attention to detail, friendly staff and willingness to accommodate our last minute wishes, made the party absolutely perfect. Thank you, thank you for a wonderful party. You have a tremendous talent, and we all appreciate the time and energy you spent to make everything just right. It was certainly a party we will always remember!"
Alison Campbell (Austin)

"On behalf of our entire family, I want to thank you for all your and your staff's extraordinary efforts to contribute to the joy of our son's wedding. Your work was perfect! The glorious setting was beautifully prepared, your staff attended to our party's comfort and pleasure with unusually kind thoughtfulness, and all aspects of the wedding and reception were handled smoothly and professionally. We will always treasure our memories of Old Glory Ranch and of working with you."
Judith and Tom Marrow

"I just want you to know how happy we all were with the excptional results of Kim & Drew's wedding. You and your crew did a terrific job. Thank you for making everything so special!"
Linda Jacoby

"Becky and Pete chose the perfect place for the wedding they wanted. Old Glory Ranch provided all (and more) of what they hoped to have on that very important day. You were marvelous, stupendous, wonderful, fantastic...From the superb scenery to the tremendously efficient staff, all went beautifully."
Joel and Katie Gordon

Indoor Wedding venue, Chapel Hall, Old Glory Ranch Wimberley Texas
Our indoor wedding venue, CHAPEL HALL, has a maximum seating capacity of 400. Chapel Hall is a flexible, versatile wedding venue, appealing to a wide range of cultures and ethnic groups.  
© Photo courtesy of Photography by Key
Covered Patio Wedding Venue Old Glory Ranch Wimberley Texas
Our COVERED PATIO wedding venue is one of the outdoor wedding venues available for weddings, receptions and rehearsal dinners at Old Glory Ranch in the Texas Hill Country.
Covered Patio Outdoor Wedding Venue Old Glory Ranch Wimberley Texas
Our COVERED PATIO wedding venue, includes a free-standing circular fireplace, making it a year-round venue for wedding receptions and rehearsal dinners.
Stone Landing Outdoor Wedding Venue Old Glory Ranch Wimberley Texas
The STONE LANDING, one of our outdoor wedding venues on the banks of the Blanco River, is ideal for small weddings of 75 or less.
Wedding Deck, outdoor riverfront wedding venue Old Glory Ranch Wimberley Texas
Our Blanco river-front WEDDING DECK, overlooks one of the most beautiful areas of rapids on the river. This outdoor wedding venue can accommodate up to 500 guests.
Outdoor wedding venue
Tables set up for a wedding reception on our outdoor patio adjacent to our COVERED PATIO. In the background is the GATEHOUSE PAVILION, a covered venue ideal for casual wedding receptions and wedding rehearsal dinners.
Wedding Rehearsal Dinner at Outdoor venue Gatehouse Pavilion Texas Hill Country event venue in Wimberley Texa Old Glory Ranch
Our covered outdoor venue, the GATEHOUSE PAVILION, is our most economical option when booked other than a Saturday night. This outdoor event venue is ideal for casual wedding rehearsal dinners.
Wedding Cake & Flowers
Old Glory Ranch has the perfect accessories to display wedding cakes and bridesmaids flowers. Wedding cakes can be coordinated through our preferred vendor list.
Wedding Carriage Texas Hill Country Weddings Wimberley Texas Old Glory Ranch
Carriages and wagons for your Texas Hill Country Wedding can be arranged through Old Glory Ranch. © Photo courtesy of Photography by Key
Bride in Antique Truck
Old Glory Ranch can coordinate specialty and antique vehicles for a departure that will make your Texas Hill Country wedding a truly unique event. Photo © Photography by Key
Evening wedding at Old Glory Ranch Wimberley Texas
Weddings at Old Glory Ranch are a magical affair, created with attention to detail. Our Texas hill country destination wedding venue is only 40 miles southwest of Austin.
Bride & Groom at picturesque Old Glory Ranch Wimberley Texas
Our Texas Hill Country wedding venues provide a myriad of opportunities for memorable wedding photographs!
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